We understand that deciding on your child’s preschool placement is a huge undertaking, especially when your child has communication delays. We want the best, most appropriate, and least restrictive environment for your child. We have designed our admission process to ensure that children who attend will benefit the most from our program.

Our enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year is open. Please complete the registration form below. 

TSGI Information Session

Learn more about our program at our Information Sessions. Our next information session will be in person on March 25 @ 6:00PM at Dilworth United Methodist Church. Please complete the form below to sign up to attend.

Two-Step Process

Enrollment is a two-step process. First, parents apply for admission through online registration and submit all the required paperwork. If accepted to the second phase, we will schedule a home visit with your family and our SLP to further determine eligibility.

Step One – Apply & Submit Required Testing
Once available, you will pay the registration fee, the enrollment fee, and one month’s tuition (1/9 total tuition) and submit all required and optional assessments pertinent to your child. Once this information has been received, our staff will review the information.

Required Assessments for new students:

*Communication Assessment administered by a SLP (preferably current SLP, current within one year)

*Psychoeducational Assessment administered by a Psychologist – A nationally-normed, standardized complete psychoeducational evaluation must be completed. The assessment will include many components, such as cognitive, behavioral, emotional, attentional, and other areas as needed. This must be administered by a certified psychologist and a written report must be submitted. It is helpful if the report indicates that the child’s ideal learning environment matches our classroom setting and educational style. You will want to schedule a follow-up reporting session with the psychologist to receive the results and ask any questions you may have. Scores must be reported in standard scores; percentile rank or precent delay scores alone are not acceptable. While any psychologist can administer this testing, it is helpful to have one that specializes in children with communication delays. We can provide a list of recommended providers by request. Enrollment cannot be processed without this complete assessment. As this process may take several weeks to schedule, one is advised to begin this process as soon as possible.

Optional Testing:

*Occupational Evaluation (required for children with specific, sensory, or motor needs)

*Physical Therapy Evaluation

*Medical Reports

*Plan of Treatment/ IEP/ IFSP

*Behavioral Evaluations

*Reports from current teachers/preschool

*Any other useful information

Upon receipt of all paperwork, the child will either be denied admission or accepted to the second step of the process.

Step Two (new students only) – Home Visit
After an initial review of the paperwork, and if your child is deemed eligible, we will call to schedule a formal meeting with our staff, usually scheduled in your home. The child is expected to attend this play-based, informal session. This brief session will help us further determine eligibility and ensure that we can effectively meet your goals.

Following this session, you will be notified of acceptance or denial into our program. If denied admission, we will strive to help find the best academic fit for your child.

If, after this session, the child is NOT accepted for enrollment by us, the previously-paid registration fee is non-refundable, but the previously-paid tuition will be refunded.

If eligibility is uncertain and cannot be fully determined, we may grant a trial enrollment.

For questions on the application process, please contact Kelly C. Reece, Preschool Director at [email protected].