Application Process

Fall or Spring Internship Application ProcessAre you a graduate student interested in applying for spring/fall internships? Applications are accepted year-round as spaces are available for interns interested in our Sensory and Communication Preschool. All applicants must commit to at least 12 hours a week. Email Kelly Reece at [email protected].

Summer Internship Application Process
The application process for our summer internship is competitive and multi-step.

Online Application
First, applicants record their personal statement (see below), then compete an online application found at the end of this page. 

Applicants should complete the application as soon as possible, as the process will close when all slots are filled, but no later than April 30.

Submit Required Information
Personal Statement (‘Elevator Speech’)– Before you begin the above application, you should research, write, practice, record, and upload your personal statement. Suppose you step into an elevator and realize that our Intern Coordinator is there with you. You have until the doors open to make your impression. We will be looking for competent communication skills, enthusiasm, energy, and passion to show through the screen. What can you do with, for, and through others? Why are you a good fit for our program?

There are many useful guides to writing and recording one’s elevator speech found online; a good place to start is here and here and here. Please take some time with it, but don’t spend forever on it- we do want to receive your application…soon!

Upload Personal Statement- Your personal statement, no greater than one minute long (30 seconds is ideal), should be recorded (in landscape mode) and uploaded to your youtube account. A YouTube or Google account will be required for this step. So you don’t have to share it with the world, set the privacy setting of the video to ‘Anyone with a link can view’ (also called ‘unlisted’) and copy the link into the application (last question in the application). This way, one must have the exact link to view the video and it won’t be searchable by others or viewed by your friends. Make sure that the privacy setting is NOT set to ‘private’, or we will not be able to view. More information on youtube’s privacy settings is available here. DO NOT BEGIN THE ONLINE INTERN APPLICATION until you have completed the upload.

After you have completed the online application, follow these steps:

Reference letters– Send reference letters directly from reference- at least one from an academic source and one personal referral. References should address your character, background, and work ethic. Referrals should use their own letterhead and mail directly to the address below. Please direct the referral to include their contact information. We will be looking for: a description of your relationship, personal characteristics, your strengths and weaknesses, qualities that will be useful in the field of education. These must be send via snail mail to the address below.

Resume and transcript– Send your resume and transcript (non-official is fine) via email to [email protected]. Both must be send in the same email with both attachments as a .pdf file. The subject line should be ‘Summer 2024:Your Name – Resume and Transcript’. 

*Submit reference letters to, 1235-E East Blvd. #140, Charlotte, NC 28203 or have them emailed [email protected].

Phone / Video Interview
Once all information is received and your packet is complete, we will email you to set up a phone interview. These interviews will start at the end of January 2024.

Following the interview, we will advise on the status of your acceptance.

For questions about the summer internship application process that are not addressed on our website, please email Tiffany Seigler at [email protected].

Online Application