The Speech Garden Institute

What We Believe

At The Speech Garden, we believe that each child is unique and has individual learning needs. As such, our curriculum is teacher-created, ever-evolving, and child-centered.

All of our classes have both whole group and small group instruction, as well as opportunities for interaction with other professionals.

Your child’s preschool placement is a huge undertaking,  We want the best, most appropriate, and least restrictive environment for your child.


Welcome to The Speech Garden Institute! Our mission, as a non-profit organization, is dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families by developing the art of communicative competence. Through innovative classroom based speech language therapy, and parent education, TSGI embraces the whole child to facilitate interactions in a naturalistic setting.

We offer a comprehensive communication and sensory preschool, after-school group communication classes, a summer camp program focusing on overall functional communication, and parent education programs. 

What Parents Say About The Speech Garden Institute

“Sending our son to TSGI was the best decision that we could have made for his preschool years. He loved every minute, gained so much confidence, made friends, and was over prepared for kindergarten! ”

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Speech Garden Institute. Our son spent two years with Kelly, Tiffany and co. at TSGI Preschool, and is now absolutely thriving in a mainstream preschool. Not only did his speech and language elevate to an age appropriate level, but his social levels vastly improved, and he left TSGI with his confidence soaring. I left every conference with the confidence that his teachers truly understood him, and were working their absolute hardest to help him achieve his goals. We will be forever grateful for the attention, care, expertise, resources, and love our son received at this school.”

Our Locations

If you would like to have a tour of our building and learn more about our programs, please make an appointment.


3884 Walt Stephens Road,
Stockbridge GA 30281

3884 Walt Stephens Road,
Stockbridge GA 30281