Intern Profile

Benefits of Summer Intern Program – “What do I get?”

  • Excellent resume builder (looks great on graduate school and professional applications)
  • Two days of specific training on disorders and therapy
  • Hands on learning with instant feedback
  • Network with other interns and professionals
  • Apply with your friends and have fun while gaining valuable work experience
  • Satisfaction that you made a difference in the life of a child

Our interns benefit from a host of duties, with supervision and support from our staff.  Upon arrival, interns are provided with training about our program and working with children with disabilities.  Of our group of interns, the interns are split into classes.  Within each class will be a variety of disability types, disorders, ability levels and goals.

Interns receive extensive training the week prior to camp to prepare for the camper’s arrival.  Once camp begins, interns plan and execute group lessons, from reading books to science, under the guidance and support of the assigned SLP.