At TSGI, we have two different types of internships:  summer and fall/spring.

Summer Internship
Our summer internship program is held with interns from all over the US.  This year the camp will run for four weeks in the June.  Interns must commit to attend all sessions, including all training days prior to the start of camp sessions, which usually start the end of May.

Many Fridays are open, with no set camp duties, but some interns use this time for planning and creating materials.  Camp hours are 9:00-12:45, but interns should plan to be on site from approximately 8:30-2:00. Interns should plan to stay late the last day of camp, and are encouraged to delay their return travels until the following Friday for their safety (and our piece of mind).

Applications for our summer internship are now available.

If, after reading all the pages on our website, you still have questions about our summer internship, please email Allison King at [email protected].

2023 Summer Dates
The dates for summer 2023 are May 30-June 29.  Training day is May 30 from 9-2, workdays are May 31 from 9-1 and June 1 from 1-5. Open House is the afternoon of June 1 from 5-6 and camp dates are June 5-June 29, 8:30-2:00 Monday-Thursday.  These dates are mandatory, and all applicants should be able to attend the entire camp session.

Fall/Spring Internship Dates
During the school year, graduate interns can volunteer in our Sensory & Communication Preschool.  Our preschool is small, and only a few interns may participate at a time.  Many interns follow their university calendar, so there is flexibility in the days of the week and which weeks interns attend.  Preschool is open five days a week, and interns may attend any combination of at least three days, as their schedule and the needs of our preschool dictate.

For more information on the preschool internship program, please contact Allison King at [email protected].