Summer Camp Curriculum

Our summer camp program is a unique blend of classroom instruction, summer camp fun, and speech and language remediation.

It is important to us that natural speech and language learning occurs constantly throughout the day. Children work on speech and language development while playing and interacting with other children, and through our weekly content material.

Daily activities mimic those of a typical preschool or early elementary camp class, and consist of art, music, morning circle, language circle, science, recess, lunch, and centers. Older classes may also focus on technology, drama, and reading. Centered around a ‘book of the day’, literacy connects all activities, and allows the central focus to be on speech and language development.

At TSGI, we value the use of music and specific movements to encourage language development and social interactions. Pairing music with academic learning enables children with difficulties in these areas another opportunity to retrieve and recall information.

Visual cues are embedded in all activities. Schedules, song boards, picture cues, and thinking maps are used to help children organize, recall, and demonstrate new learning.

Daily Schedule

Every minute of every day, we are working on speech, language and social skills. We are different because our children are learning communication skills all day long!

Below is a sample daily schedule. Of course, class schedules vary slightly according to the needs and age of each class. Sample goals are listed in parenthesis.