What Parents Say

“This year’s camp exceeded my expectations. The science topics were exactly what my 3rd grader would be expected to know next year. Even some of the same experiments were done. This allows (my child) to have a positive experience and prior knowledge with these topics and better prepares him for the school year. The interns were excellent and fun. (My son) loved ‘free movement” time and all the songs. I could not have been happier this year.”

“PLEASE take you child to this camp because they are very hands-on and focused on the SPEECH needs of the children.”

“My son loved going to class. When we would leave he was full energy and had a big smile. I noticed a big difference in his language and the other day he was socially engaged with a friend of ours (not always the case before camp). We valued the weekly progress reports and love the attention the teachers spent with his social skills. The best money we have spent. When you take into consideration how much a 30 minute session (costs) with a speech therapist, it is absolutely a bargain. The small class sizes really made a difference with our son.”

“The blog is fantastic. I loved being able to read about my child’s day so that we could strike up a conversation at dinnertime.  The interns were great. They were so warm every morning when my child was greeted at class. It was obvious how excited they were to be there.” 

“I loved the blog and daily and weekly progress reports. My husband rushed in every night to read them. My child’s favorite part of camp was the music and the science experiments. The only way I can think of would be to make the camp for more than 4 weeks if possible!”

“Do it for every week available! My child progressed more with speech and social skills in 3 1/2 weeks than in 6 months of social therapy. The knowledge of the teachers and the social setting is ideal.  Everyone is so knowledgeable and has so much practical experience with teaching, speech therapy, sensory issues and technology. The combination of caring, professionalism and flexibility is wonderful.  My child is usually very intimidated and fearful of group situations and he has absolutely thrived. The weekly progress reports are so helpful to chart progression for the whole week and camp as a whole. The daily notes were great for discussing the “good things” during camp.”