Three's & Four's

Three & Four Year Old Class

TSGI has a combined classroom for children ages three and/or four, with the option of an increased day of attendance for four year olds. Our classroom uses thematic based learning to cover traditional preschool topics, combined with natural opportunities to practice the vocabulary and concepts in real word situations.

This class is taught by a certified speech-language pathologist with a maximum of 10-12 children, but often operates with fewer.

The curriculum is closely aligned with The North Carolina Early Learning Standards. With a focus on basic letter knowledge, number skills, prewriting, social skills, and overall sensory integration, the curriculum prepares students for a life-time of learning.

The class runs three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 8:45 to 12:15, with the option of adding Mondays for four year olds.

Parent Communication

TSGI takes parent communication very seriously. We provide daily summaries, often accompanied with pictures and videos, of all activities on private classroom blogs. These blogs allow us to communicate in real time with families, whose children may not be able to relay the details of their day.

Because the classroom is led by a certified clinician, keeping data and tracking progress is also important. The preschool is closed three times each year to meet individually with all families to discuss their child’s progress on speech and language goals, along with reporting on academic achievements.

Community Based Instruction

Community based instruction, or Out and About trips, are wonderful ways to provide hands on opportunities for learning. These experiences allow children to transfer their newly learned communication skills from the classroom to the ‘real world’.

Places we go on Out and About trips are places your family would often visit regularly. These visits allow structured practice of society rules, social skills, and academic vocabulary in a safe, learning environment. Some examples of our favorites are Dilworth Drug, Harris Teeter, the pumpkin patch, riding The Lynx, Imaginon, Dilworth Animal Hospital, and Fire Station #2.

2024-2025 Tuition

In order to provide the best learning environment, we only hire the best, most experienced staff available. Classes are taught by licensed speech-language pathologists, so tuition costs are comparable to a typical preschool, plus the cost of intensive therapy that is necessary for many of our children.

The first payment is due upon acceptance into our program. Tuition is paid on the 5th of each month (September-April) through our online payment system.

*3 Day Class  – Class meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday $9,925 yearly tuition 

*4 Day Class  – Class meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday $13,950 yearly tuition

Sibling discounts are available- contact us for details.